Custom Cut and Sew Services

Many Los Angeles companies promote a service called ‘Cut and Sew', but what does that actually entail?

​There’s actually so many subcategories of Cut and Sew that quite honestly, it’s hard to determine if there is a limit to the possibilities with Cut & Sew.

If it involves a needle and thread, it can pretty much be put into this category. Let’s start with a breakdown of the most common services under the Umbrella of Cut and Sew.



Relabeling is one of the most utilized services. It entails taking out the original label or labels and removing them with seamless precision. Then the new label is placed and sewn on, sometimes with size and care labels.

Clothing Alterations

Another service is simply alteration of some kind. In some cases, a sleeve will need to be cut to three quarters and then re-sewn to look clean. Sometimes a hood will need to be added or a drawstring needs to be switched out for another color. A button may need to be removed or a snap added. A tank top may need to be transformed into a crop top. The possibilities of alterations are endless.

Custom Clothing

In some cases, a garment may need to be built from scratch, measured and tailored to a model and then built into a pattern. The pattern can then be altered to different sizes, larger or smaller and then be passed onto production.

Clothing Production

Now, production can also be an aspect of Cut and Sew. A client may bring in a pattern and then want a run made, fifteen small, ten medium, ten large, and five extra large. Most of the time, when people refer to Cut and Sew, what they mean is garments built from raw fabric. Usually higher quality and better price than massively produced garments. When people want to start their own fashion line or merchandise their own custom clothing, Cut and Sew is the way to go.

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