Embroidery Shop


The process for embroidery consists of taking an art file / logo and all the colors / elements to it, getting that digitized for our new industrial embroidery machines to read where the needle and thread work will go to duplicate your art work from a digital platform onto your garments.
Custom Embroidery - We provide the apparel. You provide the graphic. We embroider it!
Contract Embroidery - You provide the apparel. You provide the graphic. We embroider it!
16 Piece Minimum. Flat, 3D Puff, Standard Field and Extra Large Field Embroidery available.
We embroider a variety of apparel items for men, women, and kids including t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, outerwear, team gear, pants, fleece, headwear, totes, towels and more.
Contact our sales team and learn more about GhostCircus Merch Embroidery Services.